This website is for app support and contains some math, actuarial, and poker items.
  • The Apps pages summarize and link to some apps I have written for Apple and Android devices.
  • The Math pages are pretty limited but show some mathematics at least I find interesting.
  • The Poker Variations page discusses a variety of poker games played locally.
  • The Seven Card Stud section discusses a high-low poker variation played at the local recreation center in more detail.
  • The Actuarial pages have some brief information on population and longevity trends in the US.
  • I added a page with a link to a chart of US Treasury rates. The direct link is here. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to make the chart look good on mobile devices, but you can hover over any of the curves with your mouse and read point values on a computer. You can also select a range of dates to display.
  • A short geometry problem is below.
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Six unit spheres Intersect a seventh equally with centers 2 from the center of the middle sphere.  What is the volume of the intersection? For the answer see the Math page.

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